About Us

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Capital Care

CapitalCare is an independent medical education provider based in the UK that provides manpower for Medical education and simulation along with consultation and medical appraisals.

. With our dedicated team of professionals, we aspire to be one of the leading global medical simulation and education providers in the near future. Our inclusive programmes are designed using complex adult learning principles in order to make certain that specialized practice gaps are identified, addressed, and closed.

We gauge the efficiency of our activities to determine their success and to inform our future activities.

Reasons to Choose Us


Success of Treatements

Our success rate is second to none in the UK. We ensure we have enough data to determine the necessary options of the treatment and have access to the best specialists and surgeons in the country for an expert opinion. Thereby ensuring never to take uncalculated risks in any form of medical advice or treatments.

Emergency Appointments

Avoid being on waiting lists or for appointment dates with NHS or other private healthcare services. We work around your convenience and ensure you get the best value for your money and peace of mind in terms of medical care.

Certified Doctor

Every clinician you deal with come with years of experience and expertise. You will not be dealing amateurs in the clinical side. Our staff both clinical and administrative are well experienced and expertly trained.